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Blackberry Leaf Tea

Although it does take a certain amount of preparation tea has been made from dried blackberry leaves for many, many years.

Blackberry leaves
Boiling Water
White Sugar

Pick young green blackberry leaves and cut them into small pieces with a stainless knife. Now spread the leaves out and place them in a shady position or an airy room to dry - this can take around four days or more.

When the leaves have dried store them in an airtight container but occasionally tip them out and turn them before returning them to the container, otherwise they may go a little moldy.

Blackberry leaf tea is made by placing the dried blackberry leaves in the bottom of a china or heatproof glass pitcher and then pouring boiling water on to the leaves. The brew is then left to infuse for about five minutes or so before straining and then pouring into cups. A little sugar may be added if liked.


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