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The word tea comes from the Ancient Chinese word d’a and is largely grown in China, Sri Lanka (formerly known as Ceylon), India, Australia and Japan as well as Argentina, Nepal, Kenya, Pakistan and Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa).

Tea is made from the dried leaves of a shrub and in fact both black and green tea come from the leaves of the same shrub; the only difference being is that the leaves for green tea are processed quicker than those for black. In addition the older and bigger the leaf, the lesser the flavor. The flavor of the tea will also depend to a degree on the country in which it is grown.

English Breakfast Tea is made from black leaves. However the choicest of teas such as the Indian teas ‘Flowery Pekoe’ and ‘Orange Pekoe’ are made from the youngest and sweetest leaves; these grow at the tip of the tea shrub twigs.

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