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Coffee Terminology  - ( a glossary)

Espresso Coffee - This is a strong black coffee which is brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.

Cappuccino - is made from equal quantities of espresso and hot milk and topped with cinnamon and nutmeg and typically whipped cream.

Café Noir - This is strong black coffee that is usually well sweetened, perhaps with the addition of a little brandy or liqueur, but without milk or cream; it is served in small cups.

Café au Lait - This is simply very strong coffee to which a large amount of hot milk is added.

Caffè Latte - A strong cup of espresso coffee topped with frothy steamed milk.

Irish Coffee - A very strong cup of hot coffee, brown sugar, a good measure of whiskey and a floating of heavy cream make the perfect Irish coffee.

Coffee Eggnog - A cup of hot coffee with a little milk is whisked into a beaten egg; this is then poured back into a cup or mug and served. Coffee eggnog is thought by some people to be a nourishing and easy to digest drink.

Coffee Pods - these are a single measure of espresso or ground coffee made as a convenient method of coffee making in a machine. However it should be noted that not all coffee pods fit all coffee machines.


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